What is A Gravity Bike?

Gravity Biking is a sport that started over 30 years ago. And one that continues to use the latest in Biking Technology.

Full suspension stretched and lowered bike frames. suspension BMX forks and Hayes hydraulic disc brakes. Plug this into 20" Velocity Wheels with freestyle racing slicks and you have the ultimate downhill speed bike.

Racing downhill with no cranks or pedals, riders kneel in an aero tuck behind a fiberglass motorcycle fairing. These Down Hill Rockets have been clocked at speeds in excess, of 90mph, and are earning faster qualification times than the more commonly known downhill sport Street Luge.

Of course not everyone has a few thousand extra dollars to burn on a super high tech, full suspension, downhill speed bike.

Most entry level riders start with, off the shelf BMX bikes. Handle bars are lowered into a dropdown position. Cranks pedals and chain are removed to prevent them from catching on the ground in high speed turns. Often a banana seat or long serfa type seat is added so the rider can sit further back. Rear pegs are attached at or near the rear axle and often a barbell and weights are put through the bottom bracket for added weight and a place to rest your knees.

Some of the top Pro's ride with of the shelf bikes and place very well at events. How well you do is in your head, not just under your seat.

These guys ride with leather gloves, full face motorcycle helmets with protective shield, full body armor and motorcycle leathers. The biggest rule to follow when doing any gravity sport is, respect the Cars and obey traffic laws. Follow these rules and stay a lot healthier.


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