1) Start with a BMX bike.
2) You won't need anything to pedal with, so remove your chain, pedals, crank, and sprocket.
3) Now you need to put on a banana seat so you can sit back and lay forward. When attaching the U bar make sure that you put a cotter pin through the bracket and U bar. To keep the seat from sinking when you go over bumps in the road.
4) Use straight or dropped handlebars no longer than 24 inches wide.
5) You must have rear foot pegs to put your feet on, front pegs for your knees can be attached through the crankshaft hole.
6) Make sure your front and rear brakes work .
7) Get full Protective gear: leathers, back protector motorcycle helmet full face, gloves, Boots etc.... Always be safe and wear reflective or bright clothing. Please obey the law (if you can)
8) You are ready to ride.
9) To race you will need front and side number plates. Wheel covers can only be used on the rear wheel
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