Jared "Hands Free" Hanebrink X-Games 2000

Jared Hanebrink Earned his nick name "Hands Free" because of his exploits at the 2000 Summer X-Games. Jared "Hands Free" Hanebrink decided to cruise the dangerous Hairpin cliff house turn, with hands out while he pointed and smiled for the X-Games Big Screen.
This guy has also developed a hands behind the back tuck much like the stand up skateboarders, which he demonstrated at the Barrett Junction California Race on October the 7th. Jared has been making a name for himself since he stepped into his first professional Gravity Bike race, at St. George Utah. Jared took a third against riders such as Tommy Brackens BMX Hall of Famer, Dwight Garland a World Record holder, Kelly Stamps, and Fermin Rodriguez a BMX Stunt Rider. Jared went on to Qualify for X-Games 2000 in San Francisco Where he took the silver medal.
That's race number two and he's at silver. And at the barrett Junction race, Jared Hands Free Hanebrink didn't let his fans down when he easily took first from a field of top Pro's.
Three Races and he has earned Bronze Silver and Gold, That's just in the fairing class.
Jared stepped on his first gravity bike when he was 3 years old it had no brakes, so he had to stop much like a street lugers, by using only his shoes. He was riding down the famed tramway course, where his father says "you could hit 70mph just by letting off a little brake. Half way down the steep strait away his front tire blew the handle bars were jerked from his hands as they violently swung back and forth he grabbed the fairing mounts in front of him and shoved his feet to the ground stopping street luge style. When Dan got to him he simply said "Dad I don't think I want to ride anymore, today".
Jared is the kind of guy who climbs bridges with friends and repels Australian style (face down) free falling til about twenty feet from the rocky river bed below, where the stop is pulled moments before he smashes to his death. Crazy? Maybe, but I think that its more like that adrenaline junkie Gene chromosome thing. That's what I think, because a crazy man could never ride with that much style and grace.
Jared is at the top for now, but can he stay there?
I believe he can. Jared and his Father, Dan Hanebrink built a very unique gravity race bike. Since the bike arrived on the scene in the August X-Games the design has dominated the Winners Podium. Sporting full suspension And Hayes Hydraulic Disc Brakes this special GPV is the top of the line in Gravity Vehicles. Jared is sponsored by big names like, Power Bar and Maxxis Tires. This guy is Going places. I predict you will see him on the podium a lot more. just you wait and see.
Remember I'm the one who put Tommy In for the Gold at the X-Games and I haven't been wrong yet. See you at the races, Mr. Hand's Free Hanebrink.
Written by: Lilly Tailor
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